I have to blog – and this is how I feel about it.

For those who do not know, In 10 days I embark on a journey filled with unknowns!  I head to exotic Casablanca, Morocco, on the North African Coast.  I applied and was accepted into IBM’s Corporate Services Corps (IBM CSC).  The CSC is a hybrid of professional development and service, deploys 500 young leaders a year on team assignments in more than 30 countries in the developing world. We engage in two months of training while working full-time, spend one month in the assigned country tackling a social issue, and then mentor the next group for two months. So far, IBMers have completed over 1,000 projects.

My project officially begins, in Casa, on March 2nd.

I am a private person by nature and this assignment requires me to BLOG!!!  Those that know me are aware that I do not like putting photos or anything personal on social media.  My Facebook / Twitter statuses are limited to the play-by-play of a sporting event, promoting my passions (Lafontaine and Born Hungry), commenting on human rights issues or expressing how tired I am!  LOL.  None of these posts really go into detail about me.  I’m pretty much faceless (aside from the few photos I have on Instagram) and I like it that way!

So now I have to blog.  This is very difficult for me but in the spirit of IBM and the Corporate Services Corps, I am putting myself out there!!

So welcome to my blog.  Feel free to follow along with me and my experiences.  Would love to hear from you too.


4 thoughts on “I have to blog – and this is how I feel about it.

  1. Great start Sarah, I’m glad you were able to convince your private persona to share your thoughts, it’ll definitely be interesting to read your perspectives on the Casa journey!


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